What is PromoStandards?

PromoStandards is a collaborative effort by some of the leading companies in the promotional products industry to standardize how data is communicated. To learn more, visit PromoStandards.org.

What is the Promo.zone API?

The Promo.zone API gives promotional product distributors access to PromoStandards services via a simple, easy-to-use, JSON-based API. Using the API, developers can easily integrate PromoStandards into Web sites, ERP systems, applications, and more.

The API also provides access to our proprietary Search API, which makes it easy for developers to add product search functionality to their applications. It's the same API that powers Promo.zone, providing detailed information on thousands of products from the industry's leading suppliers.

How does the Promo.zone API help developers that are struggling with PromoStandards?

PromoStandards is SOAP-based. That can make integrating PromoStandards challenging for developers that unfamiliar with or struggling with the SOAP protocol.

By providing a JSON-based interface to PromoStandards, the Promo.zone API takes SOAP out of the equation. Its a nice alternative for developers that have experience working with JSON.

What services are supported?

The Promo.zone API currently supports these PromoStandards standards:

The API also provides access to Promo.zone's proprietary Search API. Developers can use the API to easily add product search functionality to their applications. It's the same API that's used by Promo.zone, the popular promotional products search engine.

Is the Promo.zone API RESTful?

No. It uses an architectural style of communication that resembles Remote Procedure Calls. All of the requests are POSTs, and the contents of the request body specify everything that the API needs in order to convert a JSON request to the SOAP request that supplier's API supports.

Is this API part of the official PromoStandards?

No. However, the API has been designed to closely mirror the standards with regard to how the requests are sent and the structure of the responses that are returned.

How much does the API cost?

Click here to view the pricing plans.

Who developed the API?

The Promo.zone API was developed by Tim Dietrich.

Have a question that wasn't covered in this FAQ?

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